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Here’s What the Speed of Light Really Means

Today’s families are already operating at light speed — operating multiple data-gobbling devices at once while keeping up hectic lifestyles. Add to that our increased work and school from home landscape and you have an equation that = Need for More Speed.

To help address that need, FiberMeFast is launching a Fiber expansion project designed to connect homes and businesses to our gigabit Fiber Optic infrastructure. This project, conducted over phases, will deliver the speeds you need while supporting economic development. While we could dive into explaining the science of fiber optics and the advantages it brings, here’s what you really need to know.

It’s DEDICATED…There was a day when we shared our phone line with the other families in our neighborhood. But did you know you are still using the party-line type technology today if you have cable Internet? With cable, you and your neighbors share the connection to the Internet. That’s why everything slows to a crawl in the evening after everyone gets home from work and school.

Dedicated is better. FiberMeFast brings 100% fiber-optic service all the way to your premises. No sharing…no slowdowns…no kidding!

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FiberMeFast fiber improves everything about being online. Faster speeds, more capacity, no buffering, and no lag times, all equal a better online experience.


Did you catch that? IT’S UNLIMITED! That’s right, no data caps, no overage fees. Use as much as you want! That’s all we really need to say about that.


This is a BIG DEAL if you work or school from home. Simply put, you can upload that homework or that big presentation your boss is waiting on at the same speed as you downloaded the assignment.


With our fiber internet you can pair your favorite TV streaming services like YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+ and more. Not sure which streaming service is right for you? No worries, we have a FREE tool that will help you decide which streaming provider is the right choice for your family.


What do we mean by Future Proof? Providing advanced communication connectivity ensures our customers are ready for the digital future, no matter what. The fact is the average home today has more than 6 connected devices, and that number is only expected to grow. Bring it on, with fiber you are ready!

Fiber FAQ

We have multiple speed and pricing options to meet your needs and budget. View our Price Plans here.

  • First, we need to construct our 100% all-fiber network to every home within the proposed fiber build area.
  • Throughout the construction phases, you will see our crews locating underground utilities by marking yards and placing flags.
  • Following that and pending weather, crews will begin the main fiber construction. Please note the construction phase is temporary, and we will do our best to minimize impact and restore unearthed areas.
  • To maintain the integrity of our fiber we place it within protective conduit. This conduit is trenched to your address via a small splice that is barely visible. Before that process you will receive a door hanger with contact information for communicating any underground facilities such as sprinkler systems, dog fence, pump lines, driveway heating systems or other buried services.

FiberMeFast is committed to improving your neighborhood and minimizing disruptions and inconvenience to you during this project. The city is aware and is equally excited to bring this advancement to the community. We will work closely with the city to ensure we work within city right-of-way, and maintain the integrity of city infrastructure. If you have any questions regarding construction in your area, please visit our site map or call our team at 309.944.2103 / 800.852.3611.

We believe that no residence or business should have to settle for an ‘OK’ service or customer experience. FiberMeFast is a trusted, local company with more than 120 years of telecommunications experience. We offer a fully redundant, 100% Fiber backbone delivering symmetrical internet speeds up to a GIG. Unlike other providers, we install this fiber all the way into your home or business providing a true Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) installation. A complete (FTTP) installation offers much more than coaxial cable or even a hybrid coaxial/fiber installation. Fiber and its unique capacity to carry a signal means it can support much higher bandwidths at much greater distances than traditional communication systems used by cable companies. Remember,
  • Fiber is unlimited which means no overage fees
  • Fiber is dedicated, which means you aren’t sharing your speed with your neighbor
  • Fiber is symmetrical, which means you get the same upload speed as download
  • Fiber is FAST, you can run multiple devices at once, watch separate HD movies at the same time, online shop to your hearts content, master the game without lag time plus more!

It means a better experience. You won't ever have to worry about running out of bandwidth if you and everyone in your whole family want to use the internet in your home at the same time. It means you can download an HD movie in one minute compared to almost an hour with the connection you likely have today. It means you can work from home without worrying about your connection to your office.

Once construction is complete and your address is ready to have service, we will call you to confirm your selected service options and schedule your installation appointment. Here is what you can expect.
  • Hand Hole
    Hand holes are boxes in the ground where our teams can store and gain access to the fiber that will eventually be used to connect to your home. These boxes are placed between groups of homes along the roadway. They are flush to the ground, so you’ll be able to mow over them. These will be placed within the right of way section of your property during the first part of construction.
  • Splice with conduit to the side of your home
    A fiber duct from that hand hole to your home will be spliced. To protect your fiber, we place it within protective conduit and bury it far enough underground to protect it from any yardwork disruption. The equipment we use to place this conduit makes a small ‘slice’ in your yard that causes little above ground disruption.
  • Splice Case
    Our installation crew will determine the best place outside of your home for your new fiber to enter. This is typically in the same location as other utilities.
  • Fiber inside your home
    During the installation our crews will bring the fiber inside of your home, in most cases this fiber will be hidden from sight.
  • GigaCenter, wireless modem combo
    To harness the power of the fiber optics you will receive use of a GigaCenter. The GigaCenter will be placed in an optimal location determined by you and the technician and serves as a modem and wireless router.

Yes! We will bury our fiber at least three feet deep, so any surface-level landscaping will not affect the fiber. Of course, if your plans are more extensive, you should always call before you dig. Forty-eight hours prior to any digging, dial 811 to have all of your underground utilities located.

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There is no obligation when registering, it just lets us know you are interested in getting Fiber Fast!